The girls go on a lemon & lime tour………

The girls curds are such a hit that they decided a fact finding mission to Andalusia was needed for limes and lemons for the G & T. The trip was invaluable for rejuvenating them for the rush that’s about to come….. They successfully negotiated Malaga’s public transport system with the help of Irene, an ex pat living in San Pedro, Glasgow and Faro. Obviously not all at once. It just felt like it. Plus the lovely Claire Wilson who is out there working for the Olive Press Paper. However they can now enter Mastermind and have the Buses of Andalusia as a specialised subject.x Ken Bruce move over.
They have been slaving over the jam pan, up trees damson and apple picking.
You’ve all heard of a Euro butter/ milk mountain, well we have our very own unsubsidised, even free Marrow Mountain. Hence Moorish Marrow Chutney is back this week.

Our Christmas Chutney is back, so stock up now, plus they have great gift ideas for everyone. We all need some jam or lemon marmalade, and Spicy Mango in our lives.

Tomorrow Sarah will be at Chorlton and Penny at Wilmslow. Come and say Hi…. and remember a smile xxxxx

We have lots of extra markets so please check out our event page x

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