Summer Finally arrives with Passion .. so does the blog

Hi everyone. Yes Summer has been a long time getting here, so has this instalment, but they have been very busy ladies, and  once you try their Passion Fruit Curd all will be forgiven. If only solving the world eccomy was so easy. Their  Passion Fruit curd has been a great hit and went down a storm at Wilmslow Artisan Market. It is just so so addictive along with the Lemon Curd.  The Curds are only available to buy at markets and at  Hawthorns Deli.

Since the  last post the girls have had birthdays, nothing too big mind you.Celebrated in true S P style with  some very close friends, great home cooked food by Penny and Sarah with the odd glass of fizz. The BBQ has been on this weekend   Lets hope it’s the only roaring flame till October! New lines are out with the Spicy Mango Chutney, Apricot and Ginger Jam and Passion Fruit Curd.   Penny has been hit by a new disease, nothing fatal. Self diagnosis
concluded a dose of graters elbow. Too much lemon curd!! What a way to go though.

Sarah had a great time at Bakewell Food Festival and met the lovely Irene who was so disappointed that they had sold out of red onion chutney that an order is on its way to Surrey right now.

In the pan next week will be lemon marmalde, lots of we hope, and our spicy mango. Feel a song coming on,  “Spice up Your Life” with some jam and a glass of rose.

See you all soon and please follow the girls  on twitter @SpecialPreserve.  There wasn’t room for the s


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