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What a week! Penny nearly crashed the car on the cat & fiddle on the way back from Buxton Framers market on hearing Sarah’s exciting news… what was it you may ask!  Sarah was given loads of rhubarb by her neighbour Pip, so rhubarb and ginger jam will be hitting the markets next week and is now available to buy online. Speaking of Buxton Farmers Market, Sandra, a fellow stall had brought her melting moments with her, despite numerous attempts to sell them they were left melted.

Brewing in the jam pans this week has been apricot chutney, aubergine pickle and hot chilli jam, but alas no lemon marmalade.  Thanks to all our customers who have emailed comments. John, all the camels in Morocco, did a runner when Penny arrived. You can leave a comment at the bottom of each blog.

Sarah has been stuffing a turkey for Easter weekend, 3 months late, or 9 months early, whilst Penny was entertaining the family on mass. A very civilized affair all round.

Pop and see Penny at Arley Hall Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday. Next week on Saturday Sarah will be at Buxton Pavilion Gardens whilst on Sunday Penny will be back at Altrincham.

Happy Easter xx

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  • KK says:

    Hi you girls at Special Preserves . I recently happened upon your products while on a golf break on the Isle Of Wight . A friend had brought a selection of your goodies for our usual cheese and wine do . All the chutneys went down very well particularly the chilli jam and the meditteranean one . Keep up the good work and will be keeping an eye on the website for new products .
    Best wishes KK & JB …..from sunny Lincolnshire where it never rains ……come on lets be having you !

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