Saturday Kitchen here we come

Well the girls have been doing their James Martin meets Masterchef demo and talk. As they say jamming doesn’t get much better than this.
Customers at Hawthorns Deli in Wilmslow were treated to an evening of tasty delights, full of ideas of how to use your jams & chutneys in unusual ways. The girls gave out all their secrets and top tips for successful jamming, others secrets divulged in error were their ages. But these had been published by the Wilmslow Express a couple of weeks earlier when they printed an article on them. Do think they made a a huge typo with their ages though.
They have some new lines for everyone, Carrot & Coriander Relish, which goes well with cheese and eastern dishes.

Their works night out in Manchester did not disappoint. In true fashion El Rincon came up trumps, as always, and the girls missed the last train home. But it was well worth it as they bumped into some Japanese tourists who couldn’t stop clicking on their Kodaks. Bet they are Big in Japan now.

This Sunday they will be hitting Manchester again, but in true work mode with their wares at Castlefield Market. Please come along and have a taste. It’s what Manchester has been waiting for….

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  • Scott bailey says:

    Hi there special preserves,
    I heard from a friend that the master class was a huge success at the deli, and i was dissapointed I couldn\’t attend on the night. I hope you may be having some more in the future?

    Kind regards

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