Relish Reunited !

Can’t believe it, but the other Saturday at Chorlton Market Sarah called Penny saying “you will never guess whose been to the stall’ Penny replied “some one famous” She said other names but can’t really put those on this blog.

Sarah “no, you will never guess, only Alison Foster” Yes, Alison was in our class at high school and we haven’t seen her for umpteen years ….. Not giving our ages away. She even pierced Penny’s ears in sixth form.

Apparently she looked no different. So we are now arranging a bit of a school reunion. 

At Altrincham the other week Penny was delighted that Nick and Judy had looked at the web site so they could pop down and purchase some more hot chilli jam. But you can always order on line and if you live near Wilmslow or Flixton we can delivery for free.

The tangy lemon marmalade  has been in the pan again, we just can’t seem to make enough,  along with Piccalilli.

The girls went down to the allotments, everything is coming along nicely and they are praying for loads of sunshine. Next weekend Penny will be at Buxton Saturday Bazaar and Sarah can be found at Willowpool Garden Centre on the Sunday. She will probably be spending her time choosing a wood burning stove and chatting to Eric the soup and veg man as well as being sandwiched between cakes and pies….. heaven!

Enjoy- Viva la vita xx


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