More news from the world of jams, chutneys, and marmalades…..

The girls have been busy, Sarah has been….. annoying her family, no change there then, with the aroma of piccalilli. Penny has been making ….. lemon marmalade, which has been going down a storm. Over at Penny’s pad they got together to make up their trio of minis in to beautiful packaged Mother’s day gifts. Lunch was a bit of a cheat, mediterranean chutney served with pasta and cheese. Yummy and so so simple .
The markets were fantastic this weekend. Sunshine makes such a difference. Sarah made some new friends at Chorlton, Joey from the chocolate stall and his mate. She never thought she would become a Mary Portas of markets. Keith Payne, who has been running some of the Manchester Markets is moving to Scotland, so he was presented with a hamper of gifts from all the stall holders. Not moving for the weather then Keith!

Penny was at Wilmslow on saturday where, amongst other things the next girls night in round the kitchen table was hatched with Kelly from Velvet Boutique. On Sunday she was giving dance lessons in the sun at Altrincham market, and playing beat the intro. It was great to see Lulu Macaron

They have had quite a few people asking the about their logo and how it came about. A good friend of theirs, Jim Granger, whose just setting up his own architects design practice, designed the logo. The asp ‘S’ is for Sarah and the apple tree is shaped like a ‘P’ for Penny, hence Special Preserves. It’s origins are based on the bible with the Garden of Eden and the temptation of Eve biting into the apple. Yes very deep and meaningful hey! Plus it bears a slight resemblance to Desperate Housewife’s. Sarah will be up early and at the markets this weekend coming, so do pop down and say hello or follow them on twitter.

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