Let the Jams Begin…………..

Well Olympic fever has now passed but jam judge Penny was honoured to adjudicate at the Poynton Show, where there was a record entry and some of the most divine curds going.  She was ably assisted by her long friend and Chef Jean Mckillop.  Lemon curd is now available to buy at all their events. Coming soon is Passion fruit & Lemon Curd, with the emphasis on the passion, as the girls always put their heart & soul into everything and with a big smile of course.

They have been busy with new delis and garden centres, pop in to the award winning Plantation Garden Company in Plumley. They make lovely cakes and in great surroundings for coffee or lunch, oh and pick up some of their produce.

 A new addition to the Wilmslow Artisan Market is Collette Evans who hand makes exquisite ceramics. The girls have their eyes on her C Bunting. Yes they can’t mention the C word, but already they have started with their range, including Grapefruit & Cranberry Marmalade. However, they cleared up at the allotments and rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb is everywhere, Rhubarb and Ginger jam a plenty. Thank you Brian for the extra marrows and to Denis for his spare plums, as Sarah’s plums were a big disappointment this season.

Last Saturday Sarah was in her usual spot, outside the library, at Chorlton Market, and Penny at the Pawn Shop in Wilmslow. They are overwhelmed with the amount of regular customers they have built up over the last 13 months. Even Kirkham Pie man has penned a little ditty for Sarah celebrating their first year jamming.  A big thanks you to you all and please tweet them with your favourites @SpecialPreserve

Till next Saturday in Buxton XX

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