Jam Lennon, Paul McChutney & Mango Star

The girls are getting very, very giddy! Yes they struggled with George Harrison … Any ideas would be appreciated. The 50th Anniversary of the Beatles¬†is coming up. No you’d never of guessed and they have gone into overload. A repartee on the organ with numbers, of Beatles songs is comingalong. They will be at the celebration at Abbotsfiled Park in Urmston with The Bootleg Beatles and many others selling their wares and more. They may even make a few scones for the scone and winding road. Oh bring back the stocks…..haha. Rita Metre Maid will be manning the stall and not the Walrus…..Enough!

They are loving this dry spell but the kitchen is so hot it feels like Gordon Ramsey is with them. Better than Gordon is local man , Simon Rimmer. He will be cooking up at feast on Sat 27 July at the Artisan Meat Company …. Stockist of S P. They have their lovely lemon Curd too, and the girls will be down there to demo their goods as well and passing on their near celebrity top tips as well. More of their near TV fame coming soon as they are under contract.

Out and about Penny treated herself to a gorgeous hanging basket from Miola in Sandbach whilst making a delivery. They have some fab gifts, interiors and a scrummy coffee shop with all home made cakes. Sarah went to the first ever Northwhich Artisan Market which was a huge success. The girls will be there next month, sandwiched between Cheshire Cheese Cakes and Cup Cakes & Co. Heaven!!

This week the red currants will be in the pan and lots of jams.

This weekend catch them at Wilmslow Artisan Market.
Go and say hi to the girls they would love to see you

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