Hot hot hot – well the Chilli Jam is ………..

Yes the girls managed to make a few people happy by entertaining the public and fellow stall holders at lovely Gawsworth Hall over the Jubilee weekend.  They were kitted out in Union Jack dress, Geri Halliwell eat your heart out. Only problem was the Spice Girl repartee was limited to Spice up Your Life, When 2 Become 1, & Mama.  Not sure that was a godsend or not.  The Hot!! Chilli Jam was hot even if the weather wasn’t. Yes the heating has been on and the only thing flaming in June was the log fire last Sunday night.

The Jubilee Sat saw their first ever visit to Heaton Moor Market, which they loved and have already begged the lovely Amanda from to be allowed back next month.  They will also be at The Heaton Moor Festival on Sunday 8th July

In the pan last week was Hot!! Chilli Jam, Beetroot & Orange Chutney and more Orange Marmalade.  This week they are looking forward to making more Red Onion & Garlic Chutney and Tangy Lemon Marmalade, it’s so addictive and has a lovely aroma.  Sarah had a very productive meeting with Lee who is opening a new Deli in the area.  All work and no play makes for a dull life so they took themselves out for the night last Friday for a very civilized evening, as they were market less on Saturday. They finished off the night in true style back at Penny’s pad with egg and bacon butties washed down with flagons of tea.

On Sunday Penny went to the lovely village of Church Minshull for their first ever food fair.  Fabulous setting and some great local pubs and customers, especially Ann with the top tip. The Badger serves up some fab food, but as they always say, other pubs are available…..

Coming up this week Sarah will be at Chorlton Market  and Penny at Wilmslow on sat 16th June . On Sunday they will both be at the Altrincham Vintage.

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    Glad to hear you love our goods. We do other markets in the area, please see the events section, but look forward to meeting you soon

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