Even more news from the world of jams, chutneys & marmalades



Feel as if this should be a publication on Have I Got News for You…. Fill in the missing word.
Yes, yet again Sarah is busy with the piccalilli   and Penny has been making masses of lemon marmalade, as well as aubergine pickle. The new line of red onion & garlic chutney is going well. The recipe was from a lovely customer and fellow jam maker, Mike, from Ramsbottom.

Sarah was left holding the fort at the new venue, Willowpool Garden Centre, www.willowpool.co.uk  whilst Penny went to see what happens in the world of men’s golf and television in Morocco. She was inspired to recreate the carrot and coriander relish wish goes great with any tagine or lamb. No one offered to buy her for camels in exchange so she will be back on the stall next Thursday at Buxton’s Pavilion Gardens.  However, it wasn’t all work for Sarah as she managed to squeeze in a much civilised ladies charity lunch at the lovely Mere Golf & Country Club, and then back to friends to finish of the evening in style!

There has been loads of interest from new delis and www.cheshirecheesecake.co.uk   at Lady Heyes have sold out of supplies so they are restocking today and collecting another order. You can follow us on twitter, face book or pop down to Willowpool Garden Centre this Sunday,  April Fools day and see Sarah.

Have a lovely weekend!!




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