Snap Crackle Pop and Jam

A belated Happy New Year to you all. 2014 is going to be a corker. We have just updated our events page with our regular monthly markets and will be adding our special events soon. So check it out.

They are looking forward to getting back on the stalls in February. They will also be glued to Sky Living on Thursday nights 9pm. My Kitchen Rules…. Now there’s a tale, it’s a cross between Masterchef and Come Dine With Me and the girls made it as far as the judges houses so to speak. Perhaps they are too normal …… No way

They are looking forward to diversifying and are currently organising a pop up restaurant. The jams, chutneys, marmalades and curds will have star place and the Passion Brûlée made with their yummy Passion Fruit Curd, is a must… especially with Valentines coming up…. X
New retailers include the Sandwich Shop in Latchford. Home of the worlds hottest sandwhich, great baps and free parking right outside .

Come and say hi to the girls. Winter smiles xxx
They are on twitter @ specialpreserve

The girls go on a lemon & lime tour………

The girls curds are such a hit that they decided a fact finding mission to Andalusia was needed for limes and lemons for the G & T. The trip was invaluable for rejuvenating them for the rush that’s about to come….. They successfully negotiated Malaga’s public transport system with the help of Irene, an ex pat living in San Pedro, Glasgow and Faro. Obviously not all at once. It just felt like it. Plus the lovely Claire Wilson who is out there working for the Olive Press Paper. However they can now enter Mastermind and have the Buses of Andalusia as a specialised subject.x Ken Bruce move over.
They have been slaving over the jam pan, up trees damson and apple picking.
You’ve all heard of a Euro butter/ milk mountain, well we have our very own unsubsidised, even free Marrow Mountain. Hence Moorish Marrow Chutney is back this week.

Our Christmas Chutney is back, so stock up now, plus they have great gift ideas for everyone. We all need some jam or lemon marmalade, and Spicy Mango in our lives.

Tomorrow Sarah will be at Chorlton and Penny at Wilmslow. Come and say Hi…. and remember a smile xxxxx

We have lots of extra markets so please check out our event page x

Jam Lennon, Paul McChutney & Mango Star

The girls are getting very, very giddy! Yes they struggled with George Harrison … Any ideas would be appreciated. The 50th Anniversary of the Beatles is coming up. No you’d never of guessed and they have gone into overload. A repartee on the organ with numbers, of Beatles songs is comingalong. They will be at the celebration at Abbotsfiled Park in Urmston with The Bootleg Beatles and many others selling their wares and more. They may even make a few scones for the scone and winding road. Oh bring back the stocks…..haha. Rita Metre Maid will be manning the stall and not the Walrus…..Enough!

They are loving this dry spell but the kitchen is so hot it feels like Gordon Ramsey is with them. Better than Gordon is local man , Simon Rimmer. He will be cooking up at feast on Sat 27 July at the Artisan Meat Company …. Stockist of S P. They have their lovely lemon Curd too, and the girls will be down there to demo their goods as well and passing on their near celebrity top tips as well. More of their near TV fame coming soon as they are under contract.

Out and about Penny treated herself to a gorgeous hanging basket from Miola in Sandbach whilst making a delivery. They have some fab gifts, interiors and a scrummy coffee shop with all home made cakes. Sarah went to the first ever Northwhich Artisan Market which was a huge success. The girls will be there next month, sandwiched between Cheshire Cheese Cakes and Cup Cakes & Co. Heaven!!

This week the red currants will be in the pan and lots of jams.

This weekend catch them at Wilmslow Artisan Market.
Go and say hi to the girls they would love to see you

Summer Finally arrives with Passion .. so does the blog

Hi everyone. Yes Summer has been a long time getting here, so has this instalment, but they have been very busy ladies, and  once you try their Passion Fruit Curd all will be forgiven. If only solving the world eccomy was so easy. Their  Passion Fruit curd has been a great hit and went down a storm at Wilmslow Artisan Market. It is just so so addictive along with the Lemon Curd.  The Curds are only available to buy at markets and at  Hawthorns Deli.

Since the  last post the girls have had birthdays, nothing too big mind you.Celebrated in true S P style with  some very close friends, great home cooked food by Penny and Sarah with the odd glass of fizz. The BBQ has been on this weekend   Lets hope it’s the only roaring flame till October! New lines are out with the Spicy Mango Chutney, Apricot and Ginger Jam and Passion Fruit Curd.   Penny has been hit by a new disease, nothing fatal. Self diagnosis
concluded a dose of graters elbow. Too much lemon curd!! What a way to go though.

Sarah had a great time at Bakewell Food Festival and met the lovely Irene who was so disappointed that they had sold out of red onion chutney that an order is on its way to Surrey right now.

In the pan next week will be lemon marmalde, lots of we hope, and our spicy mango. Feel a song coming on,  “Spice up Your Life” with some jam and a glass of rose.

See you all soon and please follow the girls  on twitter @SpecialPreserve.  There wasn’t room for the s


Saturday Kitchen here we come

Well the girls have been doing their James Martin meets Masterchef demo and talk. As they say jamming doesn’t get much better than this.
Customers at Hawthorns Deli in Wilmslow were treated to an evening of tasty delights, full of ideas of how to use your jams & chutneys in unusual ways. The girls gave out all their secrets and top tips for successful jamming, others secrets divulged in error were their ages. But these had been published by the Wilmslow Express a couple of weeks earlier when they printed an article on them. Do think they made a a huge typo with their ages though.
They have some new lines for everyone, Carrot & Coriander Relish, which goes well with cheese and eastern dishes.

Their works night out in Manchester did not disappoint. In true fashion El Rincon came up trumps, as always, and the girls missed the last train home. But it was well worth it as they bumped into some Japanese tourists who couldn’t stop clicking on their Kodaks. Bet they are Big in Japan now.

This Sunday they will be hitting Manchester again, but in true work mode with their wares at Castlefield Market. Please come along and have a taste. It’s what Manchester has been waiting for….

About Us Page Crashes due to high volume of hits

Well a big thank you to all our lovely customers, suppliers, fellow traders friends, oh and as they say on pop master anybody else who knows us for making 2012 a truly great year.

Coming soon will be our new events page with which markets and shows we will be at this year. We have both had withdrawn symptoms over Christmas. Sarah has made some Piccalilli whilst Penny has been making Apple & Tatton Ale Chutney.

We were were overwhelmed at the number of people who emailed and phoned us to tell us our about us page was unavailable and the photo was missing too. This was due to the high volume of traffic and now it has been restored.

Next Saturday the girls will wish they could be restored as they are having their Christmas Jam party on Friday in Manchester. It’s gong to be Jamtastic. Late, we know but the markets were very hectic in December. Plus for once they might not need to blag a table at El Rinco, but watch this space.

December also saw the opening of Hawthorns Deli in Wilmslows, run by two good friends Janice and Jane. They have a selection of of artisan produce, great jams, of course and Janice is a master chef in the kitchen with her cakes, lunches and tarts. Do pop in and pick up some of our lemon marmalade.

Happy 2013

Let the Jams Begin…………..

Well Olympic fever has now passed but jam judge Penny was honoured to adjudicate at the Poynton Show, where there was a record entry and some of the most divine curds going.  She was ably assisted by her long friend and Chef Jean Mckillop.  Lemon curd is now available to buy at all their events. Coming soon is Passion fruit & Lemon Curd, with the emphasis on the passion, as the girls always put their heart & soul into everything and with a big smile of course.

They have been busy with new delis and garden centres, pop in to the award winning Plantation Garden Company in Plumley. They make lovely cakes and in great surroundings for coffee or lunch, oh and pick up some of their produce.

 A new addition to the Wilmslow Artisan Market is Collette Evans who hand makes exquisite ceramics. The girls have their eyes on her C Bunting. Yes they can’t mention the C word, but already they have started with their range, including Grapefruit & Cranberry Marmalade. However, they cleared up at the allotments and rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb is everywhere, Rhubarb and Ginger jam a plenty. Thank you Brian for the extra marrows and to Denis for his spare plums, as Sarah’s plums were a big disappointment this season.

Last Saturday Sarah was in her usual spot, outside the library, at Chorlton Market, and Penny at the Pawn Shop in Wilmslow. They are overwhelmed with the amount of regular customers they have built up over the last 13 months. Even Kirkham Pie man has penned a little ditty for Sarah celebrating their first year jamming.  A big thanks you to you all and please tweet them with your favourites @SpecialPreserve

Till next Saturday in Buxton XX

Moor… Moor ….. Moor…



Or should that be sun, sun, sun. Think the only person who is happy with the weather is Gene Kelly.You may well ask what on earth those Special Preserve girls have been doing. Lots of busy markets and a few new ones as well. 

Last week Heaton Moor was treated to a double serving of Special Preserves. The monthly farmers market on the first Saturday of every month and then on Sunday at the fantastic Heaton Moor Summer Festival, where the sun did shine,Yippee! Penny managed to indulge herself at Eternal Envy boutique with something for a night out. Sarah’s indulgence came in the form of Lemon Drizzle Pudding from Glamour Puds.

 Sarah and Penny both made a fantastic debut at the new Middlewich Artisan Market held on the last Saturday every month. The sun was out in the morning and so were the maracas and mexican hats. Their NBF was Tony who owns the scrumptious Chimichangoes, the margaritas were divine. It did chucked it down in the afternoon, but hey it wouldn’t be England with out a downpour. Their new pink grapefruit marmalade was sold out by noon.

A trip to Tatton Brewery was needed to stock up on  Tatton Ale, which is now used in the girls Apple & Ale Chutney.  They could have stayed there all day but had to dash home to make even more of the Lemon Marmalade and Red Onion Chutney. The red currants are picked and will be in the jam pan very soon.

The orders from delis have been flooding in and they have been jamming with Chilli.

Just a quick thank you to Jill Kimber who gave over her garden to host a very successful pudding & pimms evening to raise funds for charity. They were queuing to get it.  Also, Gill Singh who was voted one of the top one hundred ladies in the transport and travel industry. This all took place at the rather posh, Dorchester in London. No Travel Lodge for Gill then, but she sure is an asset for girl power.

This coming Saturday Special Preserves can been found at the Wilmslow Artisan Market and Chorlton Producers Market. Follow them on twitter @specialpreserve. Pop down and say hello, they would love to meet you.


Hot hot hot – well the Chilli Jam is ………..

Yes the girls managed to make a few people happy by entertaining the public and fellow stall holders at lovely Gawsworth Hall over the Jubilee weekend.  They were kitted out in Union Jack dress, Geri Halliwell eat your heart out. Only problem was the Spice Girl repartee was limited to Spice up Your Life, When 2 Become 1, & Mama.  Not sure that was a godsend or not.  The Hot!! Chilli Jam was hot even if the weather wasn’t. Yes the heating has been on and the only thing flaming in June was the log fire last Sunday night.

The Jubilee Sat saw their first ever visit to Heaton Moor Market, which they loved and have already begged the lovely Amanda from to be allowed back next month.  They will also be at The Heaton Moor Festival on Sunday 8th July

In the pan last week was Hot!! Chilli Jam, Beetroot & Orange Chutney and more Orange Marmalade.  This week they are looking forward to making more Red Onion & Garlic Chutney and Tangy Lemon Marmalade, it’s so addictive and has a lovely aroma.  Sarah had a very productive meeting with Lee who is opening a new Deli in the area.  All work and no play makes for a dull life so they took themselves out for the night last Friday for a very civilized evening, as they were market less on Saturday. They finished off the night in true style back at Penny’s pad with egg and bacon butties washed down with flagons of tea.

On Sunday Penny went to the lovely village of Church Minshull for their first ever food fair.  Fabulous setting and some great local pubs and customers, especially Ann with the top tip. The Badger serves up some fab food, but as they always say, other pubs are available…..

Coming up this week Sarah will be at Chorlton Market  and Penny at Wilmslow on sat 16th June . On Sunday they will both be at the Altrincham Vintage.

Please follow them on twitter @SpecialPreserve



Five Star Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb

 It may be the year of the Olympics but the girls have been celebrating their 5 star hygiene rating from Cheshire East Enviromental Health. Any excuse for a Pimms hey!

They have also been nesting or Spring Cleaning.  Making, making loads of lines as they have been up to their eyes in rhubarb, Rhubarb & Ginger Jam and Rhubarb and Strawberry Jam as well as the obligatory lemon marmalade, which always tatses delicious.  More jars delivered and more babies, as in baby mini jars and not the things that never leave home!! Well they do eventually.

Over the last couple of weeks they have met some lovely customers. Sarah loved Madge 72 & Gordon 75, who had gone to Buxton’s Pavilion Gardens for a day out from Manchester. They were hilarious. Gordon had left his wife at home doing the decorating and she actually begs him to go away with Madge.  Sarah could have listened to them all day…

Over at Chorlton Market Sarah was located outside the Library, whilst at Wilmslow Penny was outside the Gentleman’s Lounge and Pawn shop… Think it should have been the other way round.

At Altrincham Vintage Penny had more visitors than Chester Zoo… Kathrine Jackson and her hubby Irvine, a big shriek rang out as they had not seen each other for nearly a year ….  That’s Penny & Katherine not Katherine and Irvine and Khumi Burton to name but a few. The day was spent nattering,  networking  and dancing to the band. They are setting up a vintage market in the Festival Hall in Alderley Edge, so we will keep you posted

Tomorrow sees the grand opening of Miola an interiors, gardens, gifts, coffee lounge and children’s play area on Lodge Road Sandbach CW11 3HD.  Louise, the owner has followed her dream and we all wish her a huge success with the business.

This weekend they are entertaining and holidaying, but you can always order on line or have a personal delivery. Yes Phil Singh, happy birthday in Warwickshire and your marmalade will be coming to a door step near you.

Next week the girls will be on Shaw Road, Heaton Moor   Heaton Moor Producers Market Sat 2nd June and on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday at the historic Gawsworth Hall near Macclesfield with their wares.

Enjoy the sunshine and tweet us  @SpecialPreserve

P.S. Yes the typo’s have been corrected….. too many Pimms in the garden xxxx


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