Another week in the world of jams, chutneys and marmalades

Wow what a week. Sarah and Penny were busy shopping looking for Easter ideas. They had a hilarious moment passing the rotisserie stall. “Two birds for £6.00 or two breasts for £3.00” was the cry. They both did a double take and looked down to check everything was still in place. Phew it was all still there.  Sarah went back to her roots and to see all the stall holders at Urmston Market, what a warm welcome from everyone, where our baby minis went down a storm as mother’s day gifts.

Penny had been waiting for a jar delivery of two pallets, which she discovered on the drive after a night out in Yorkshire. Oops, where is husband when you need him! She also made a special delivery to the Isle of Wight at the weekend to Lady Captain Elect, whom is hooked on the apricot chutney. So their preserves are winging their way back to Lincolnshire as we speak.

They have had a few enquiries from new delis opening which look very promising so will keep you posted.

This Sat 17th Sarah will be at Chorlton Market & Penny at Wilmslow Artisan

On Sunday pop down to Altrincham and see Penny at the Vintage. Check out Alti Market which is on every Tues, Fri and Sat.


Have a lovely week and see you all soonxxx










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