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Sarah and Penny, Special PreservesThe origins of Special Preserves truly began from a moment of inspiration when two good friends, Sarah & Penny, met at a local deli for tea, a bacon butty and a catch up. We have known each other since our first day at high school and have remained close friends ever since. We were chatting about things, including how we both shared a love for scrumptious home cooking and how we enjoyed entertaining our friends and families. We both agreed to channel our mutual enthusiasm into something we could share more widely. But what ever we did it had to be fun and so there it was!

Special Preserves was conceived there and then, at that deli table!

Now we’re full steam ahead, busy producing a wide variety of truly delicious Jams, Marmalades, Chutneys & Relishes. We personally attend many of the local farmers markets and other popular events in and around the Cheshire and Greater Manchester areas, where we live and also hope to supply to some of the wonderful speciality food shops in the area.

We have never looked back since that first day, and  have been simply overwhelmed at the encouragement, support and generosity shown to us by so many people, including our family, friends, fellow specialised producers and of course, our customers.  It makes it all worthwhile.

Due to the great feedback, we have had to use our creative talents to extend our ranges by developing new and exciting recipes. Especially to use all the excess seasonal ingredients so kindly donated to us by our friends at their allotments. So an especially big thank you to you guys! We have also been asked to develop this website so that our customers can top up their favourites easily, in the comfort of their homes.

We will aim to keep improving our ranges by creating new delicious flavours for your enjoyment and we look forward to your views and valued comments too. So please check out where we are and pop along to the stall to say hello. You will be most welcome.




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